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Quality Control

We have a set of strict standard system for quality control. Each order will be followed, supervised and controlled by our inspector from stem to stern so as to guarantee our quality standard and delivery time.

  1. Material selection: before cutting the material on the machine, all of them must be inspected and selected by our inspectors carefully. And we make the code on each block and are sure to process eligible material on our machine.
  2. When the material blocks were sent to machine, we adopt Italian gang saw to cutting the slabs, and then do some cleaning, all products must be inspected and selected by our inspectors strictly and made the code on each piece. Then good quality products will be sent to auto-polishing line.
  3. When polishing, it is adopted Italian auto-polishing machine entirely to planish, kibble and fine-polishing to attain the international level. Then our inspector inspects them again and selects the same color according to each stand side (a little different color exists in natural stone), and last eligible ones will be sent to edge-cutter to cut into finished products.
  4. There should be no grinding wheel marks on the polished face.
  5. Quality Control: The thickness tolerance is calibrated from ±0.5mm. Polished degree is 85°up.

Flaming: Flame will be uniform throughout the slabs/tiles and brushed evenly on slabs/tiles after flaming
Thickness: (Between different pieces) Needs to be consistent and ±1.0mm in tolerance for different slab; and ±0.5mm on the same slab; ±0.5mm in tolerance for each tile (12"x12"x3/4").
Flatness (On the same piece): · If length <= 400mm,flatness tolerance: ±0.2mm
* If 400mm < length < 1000, flatness tolerance: ±0.5mm
* If length >= 1000mm, tolerance: ±0.8mm
Unpolished Side: The unpolished side of the slab/tiles should be flat and smooth.
Crack, Edge Defect, Corner Defect: Not allowed for slabs and tiles